Access to Non-visual Technology for Seniors” (ANTS)

Friends of the Commission Grants; on going

If you are a senior wanting to learn how to use technology in a non-visual way, or know a senior who wants to be able to email their grand kids or otherwise join the world of technology, we have an exciting opportunity for you. We also need to find people who can teach non-visual access to technology, so read on and let us hear from you!

**ANTS GRANT GOAL: To provide training to blind Nebraska seniors who need non-visual access to technology. We, the Friends, plan to train blind seniors, though our financial resources are not great. The Commission (NCBVI) has experienced a reduction in federal funding that can be used to work with individuals who do not have a vocational goal; though some seniors , of course are employed, and do qualify for vocational rehabilitation funding.

*The Student- must be 55 years of age or older.
-Have a need for training on a smart phone, tablet or computer, and want or need to use only non-visual methods for accessing these technologies.

Note: We are not able to purchase or provide any technology through this program, so those wanting to learn must already own, or have borrowing rights to the phone, tablet or computer to be learned.

*The Trainer- anyone who can demonstrate competency in the use and teaching of non-visual methods to access one or more of the following: Apple iPhone, iPad, iPod – using VoiceOver, and/or Apple computers with speech; Android phones or tablets - using TalkBack; Windows PC with JAWS or NVDA, or WindowEyes.

Note: NCBVI staff are cleared to teach in this program should they wish to do so. The only requirements are that the teaching be done after-hours, using non-work equipment.

The Friends would also welcome the assistance of Commission staff in identifying potential students and/or instructors.

**GETTING STARTED: Interested students and trainers should contact either of the following Friends to sign up for ANTS:

Christine Boone
Phone- 269-329-8500

Robert Leslie Newman
Phone- 402-660-1743